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Fans would love to own/gift your videos in a tangible form, and to learn more from you.

It would work well to include in the Standard Edition your checklists for the reader to fill out, along the lines you already provide in PDF form.

A Premium Edition could also be offered with the following extra digital content, for example:
EARLY ACCESS: Readers view new videos ahead of publication
EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Special videos not openly published elsewhere
BEHIND THE SCENES: A videos that shows how a presented video was created
BLOOPERS: What went wrong in filming
DIRECTOR’S CUT: Longer versions before being trimmed for YouTube
Storage away from YouTube would provide these features
AD-FREE: Viewing of your videos without ads
FREE EXPRESSION: Publishing content unrestrained by YouTube’s terms
DOWNLOADABLE: Your videos stored locally for the reader to enjoy off-line

The book can serve as a gateway to lucrative Subscription Services such as
COURSES: Hosted by us without platform fees
COMMUNITY: A forum, with your participation, for feedback and advice
EVENTS: Exclusive online events for conversation
CONSULTANCY: Advice on a one-to-one basis to address a specific need
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Subscribers can be thanked by name in the book or on a display


you maintain full copyright control over your content,

your book is quick to put together – the videos already exist,

a book is easy to put together – we look after the tech and can help with the text,

videos may be hosted on a platform other than YouTube, bypassing their control and ads,

we handle publishing your book on Amazon and all logistics,

featuring in this series with other great YouTubers gives you a new audience,

you promote your book to your subscribers, viewers and fans,

you can keep the digital content current and can link to your paid services,

al this at no cost to you

& you’ll be able to offer/sign a Special Edition exclusively to subscribers and fans,

Let’s have a conversation about how a custom journal for your channel could work for you.