Introducing Video Showcases
A unique fusion of print and video to captivate your audience and open up a lucrative new revenue stream for you.

Your Videos in a Book

Imagine your best YouTube videos brought to life within the pages of a captivating, printed book. This innovative format allows your audience to possess your content in a tangible way, creating a deeper connection with your brand.

Boost Your Revenue

By transforming your videos into a physical product, you have the chance to significantly increase your revenue. Your fans will be eager to own this physical copy of your best moments, providing a fresh and exciting way for them to engage with your content.

EASY No effort needed
FREE No funding required
SAFE Retain your copyright

See it in Action

Curious about how it works? Take a sneak peek into the future by trying our interactive flipbook, viewed from your separate mobile device.
Scan the QR Code and see the cover come to life.
Then scan the other QR Codes in the book for the “Immersive Print” experience.

Let’s start a conversation about how a custom journal for your channel could work for you.